Waiting Room
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If you're reading this between 6 PM - 3 AM, our chat lines are busy! Stay on this page and someone will be with you as soon as possible. Or, feel free to call us at (514) 398-6246, and we'll be happy to listen. Outside of these hours, our chat lines are unfortunately closed.
We apologize for some glitches we've recently been experiencing on Chatline and we're working hard to resolve them. If you experience a glitch while chatting, please keep trying again, or feel free to call our phone lines.
Please note: We are a non-professional, student-based active listening service. As such, we encourage you to call 911 or go to the nearest hospital if you feel you are about to hurt yourself or someone else. In specific circumstances where you may be at risk of harm to yourself or others, we are required to contact emergency services. We may also recommend that you contact 911 yourself to help you get the support that you need. Although we do not normally extract IP addresses, if emergency services requests a chatter’s IP address we will provide it to them. We welcome every chat made to our service and look forward to hearing from you.